People now a days are going viral from videos you wouldn't expect. You can drop a stand up clip thats well written and get a great response and it bombs, but then a short awkward crowd work clip will pop off. Lesson is to don't over think your content and post what you can.


Somehow they get into talking about anal, getting booked on shows, then bee stings to the dick


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The boys had a solid ass weekend. Joe got to host and work with Josh Wolf all weekend and Jake had slammed shows at Milk District Comedy.

It somehow turns into ramblings horse sh!t, how to record stand up properly and the pros/cons of local humor.


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The boys are ready to go this ep. The talk about the upcoming filming of 'Get Good.' The boys are staring in the show and the rest of the season is getting shot in Sept.

They deep dive into Monkey Pox and what the first google search results say about them.

They talk about how dope having local shows and club shows are, Shaving mens asses, Biden and how good Wawa Soup is. 


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The boys are still here! They talk about Jake buying shirts made for fat people and his experience at a small comedy club. Joe clogged his toilet and has ptsd about getting bit by a horse.


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Whats up f**kers! We right away start talking about how much Priests kill in Church, as performers not literally killing.

Go over booking comedians on shows and etiquette.

Joe is 7 Months Sober!

The boys also discuss the potentially for their own spin off podcasts

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We are over half way through 2022! The boys get into fun talks about running shows, achievements and the Orlando Comedy scene.


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Whats up ladies and gents the boys are back. They discuss the show 'the Boys' and dive into what would happen if a country invaded the US. They also got greenlit to do another show at the Orlando Improv under The Best of Orlando so more fun showcases coming your way!


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The boys survived the 4th of July. Jake was downtown where there was a boy who cried wolf scenario and all of Lake Eola screamed and ran for their lives for no reason. Then they met up and set off massive fireworks in the most responsible way possible and jake got attacked by fire ants.

Also Joe's show at the improv was a success and there will be more to come


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The boys get into an intellectual discussion on the Roe v. Wade situation and how vasectomies will get you laid now.


Also don't f**k with elephants, they will stomp you out


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Christophe Jean fills in again but this time for Jake. He is out of town this time and Joe has to think for a change. They go right into Joe Biden falling off his bike and some how get into the JFK Assassination. Next they discuss judaism and which male celebrity would they want to bang.


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